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Come to the Dark Patterns

Dark patterns are intentional content and design decisions in UX that tend to employ deceptive practices to trick you into taking some action. There’s actually quite a bit of psychology that goes into such design decisions.

I recently came across this website and presentation that details what dark patterns are and how to use them. While this seems a bad and evil idea (to train others on how to use these techniques), it is actually rather kind and philanthropic for the author to share this to inform the everyman on such techniques in order to identify and avoid them when encountered.

Here is an article that further discusses dark patterns.  This one really delves into how we as web designers (yeh, that includes us UX folk for this discussion) can use or avoid dark patterns. That is, how we can take something we know about our user (or people in general) and apply either honest or deceptive techniques to our design and the experience.

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