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10 Self Motivators for Writers

I’m thinking most of my readers of the “new” blog are writers to some capacity. That is to say, I’m betting you’re sitting on an incomplete draft of some novel, article, story, academic paper, etc. While it’s relatively easy to get (re)motivated by some conversation, epiphany, read, etc., I’m a firm believer in applying that motivation and doing something virtually everyday toward your goal. Now that we’re half way through October, what have you done? …all you set out to accomplish for the month?

Here are 10 motivators to keep you writing:

  • What would you be doing if you weren’t writing? Do you really want to be doing that?
  • Maintaining the discipline to keep writing even when it’s tough is what separates real writers from wannabees. Do you really want to be a wannabe?
  • Regard the fun stuff and libation as a reward and set/meet you daily goal, no matter how small, before you accepat that reward. You can have a treat (dessert, drink, tv show, etc.) when you finish for the day.
  • Accomplishment makes anyone beam. You and I both want to see you glow!
  • Fantasize about what you’d treat yourself to with your next royalty check: that bottle of Middleton’s or Johnny Walker Blue Label, a day getting pampered at your favorite salon, the Ghandi collection Mont Blanc pen, a 1932 Remington 5, renting a Lamborghini to take to fishing, or a cruise to Ireland (during which you can write the first two chapters of your next piece).
  • Remember why you started writing this piece in the first place and know that it still has to breathe life.
  • You love your topic and your characters, assuming you have them. If not for yourself, keep writing for them.
  • This story deserves to be written, and only you’re the only one who can write it.
  • Think about how far you’ve come; not how far you still need to go.
  • In the midst of the muddle you’ve already written, which sits defiantly mocking you from the page, there’s one sentence you really dig. Focus on THAT one.

Now, get to it! Progress is in your power, and face it, you really do want to write it.

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