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The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence

Jenkins, Henry. Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide. NYU Press, 2008.

“Convergence doesn’t just involve commercially produced materials and services traveling along well-regulated and predictable circuits. … It also occurs when people take media into their own hands” (17).

I this way, it is both a top-down and bottom-up structure. “Corporate convergence coexists with grassroots convergence” (18). The iPhone is an excellent example. Apple put out the iPhone which merged the iPod, a telephone, and many other features common to cell phones, such as the camera, and various applications. The item was truly revolutionary. Once this was out, many developers began designing iPhone applications on their own time. However, seeing this trend, Apple regulated it and made it so 3rd part application needed to be approved by them.
[Someone feel free to comment if my account of this iPhone event are not quite accurate, here.]

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