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MEA Presentation June, 2009

I’ve just posted a video of the presentation I gave in June for the MEA Conference.

Digital Orality and the Online Video Conversation:
Simulating Synchronicity and Preserving Humanness in Distance Communication

Here is the latest presentation. This was presented on June 19th at St. Louis University for the Tenth Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association. It was truly a great time. I met many people and heard some great talks. While along the lines of my larger topic, this presentation discusses the use of Seesmic in the online, asynchronous classroom. Seesmic offers immediate, ongoing conversations on virtually any topic. With its threaded, conversational videos, it offers conversing participants a more immediate, nearly seamless way to communicate that preserves much of the social presence of face-to-face dialogue and creates an almost synchronous exchange of ideas.

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